How to read a Nutritional Table 

When you want to start a new healthy diet, the first step is to become informed.  Fortunately, it is easy to find information that you need to make the best decision for you and for your family.  Thanks to printed nutritional information on ever Cerealfit product, you can see exactly what is in our products and which nutrients they provide.  

From the Start

Knowing portion sizes is important.  It is the first thing to look at when reading a nutritional table.  Why? Like in any story, it helps to set the scene and draws a vivid picture of what nutrients you’d can expect to find. Knowing how much is in a portion, you know exactly what you are consuming – calories, fat, protein, everything. So if you decide to eat more, or even less, of the portion suggested, you’ll understand what that means for your health and your well being.

But determining how much is in a portion can be difficult for a variety of factors: age, body size, level of physical activity determine if it’s better to have different portions of different cereals both at breakfast as well as during the day.



We all need calories. Energy comes from calories. So we try to intake a sufficient amount of calories into our body to keep it healthy and active. But if we consume more calories than our body needs in one day, we can gain weight. The number of calories per serving depends on four elements – total fat, total carbohydrates, protein and alcohol.

Fat is an important nutrient, required by the body for growth and development. But experts argue that an excessive amount of fat – especially saturated fats and trans fats can promote the onset of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, these fats are easily identifiable on each nutritional table, so that you can make informed decisions about the foods and make an intelligent decision as to the nutrients you consume.


In particular, Cerealfit products are trans fat free.  

Carbohydrates give the body energy. Among all the different types of existing carbohydrates, fibers are one of the most important,  25 grams is the daily recommendation for adults.

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body and are essential for the development and rebuilding of muscles, blood and organs. So with the right amount of protein, you’re better prepared to face the day.


Finishing Strong 


In the nutritional table you will see that the percentage of vitamins and minerals for every portion, therefore, a higher percentage indicates that that nutrient contains a higher percentage of that specific vitamin or mineral.   


These vitamins and minerals fuel many bodily functions.  To help the body work properly, you need to consume a wide variety of these different nutrients.  


A New Way to Read Nutritional Values 


Although the nutritional table represents an excellent way to help determine the nutritional value of certain nutrients overall, the guideline daily amounts (GDA), are a summary of the most important nutrients in each package Cerealfit.


GDAs are not recommendations or new indications for your nutrition. They are simply a new way to look at and evaluate the daily amount of nutrients to help you make informed choices and decisions.


When you read the guidelines for daily amounts, you can quickly see the percentages of calories, sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt per serving in foods that you can purchase and consume. With these percentages, you can try to stay as close as possible to the amounts recommended by nutritionists and even compare between different products.


For example, if during a meal you consume a food rich in a particular nutrient such as fat or salt, you can balance your diet by choosing foods that contain lower amounts of those ingredients for the rest of the day.


There ‘s no doubt that the GDA absolutely do not replace the nutritional tables, but they are another useful way to allow you to easily make more informed decision when making a purchase.