Advantages of Fibers

Fibers are divided into solubles and insolubles.  The first slowing of gastric emptying  (satiety) decreases the level of LDL and total cholesterol.  This improves glycemic control and prevents the development of harmful flora.  The insolubles increase the volume of stool; increase intestinal transit by reducing the time of contact of waste substances with the mucosa of the rectal colon.  

It is not important to choose nutrients that contain a type of principal fiber more than other, it is more that it is important to reach the recommended levels, that are known to be equal to 25-30 grams of fiber a day for an adult.  

Fibers modify intestinal flora bacteria.  Intestinal flora produces molecules that positively interfere with the enteric central nervous system which at times that interacts with the central nervous system and that results in an improvement of learning and synaptic plasticity in addition to behavioral improvements.

Despite the strong evidence of the benefits of fiber to overall health, most people do not get enough, a tendency that often begins in childhood and continues into adulthood.  

In order to have a proper understanding of the daily recommended amount, a Cerealfit bar (25grams) provides 6% of the daily recommended amount for an adult.  Breakfast provides an excellent opportunity to ingest fibers right from the morning to help achieve the daily recommended amount, it is important to continue to ingest fiber throughout the day from foods naturally rich in fiber such as whole grains, beans, fresh fruit, dried fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget that some of these fiber rich nutrients are already in Cerealfit.